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Black Project MALIKO SUP Race Fin

Black Project MALIKO SUP Race Fin

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The MALIKO standup paddleboard race fin offers increased stability, enhanced maneuverability and higher average speed and is ideally suited to ocean or downwind paddling. The new Maliko is designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers who want the stability and ease of use familiar with the previous version yet with added board agility. Highly recommended for rougher water, downwinding, and ocean races.

The curved and progressive 45° rake will easily shed weed, kelp and trash while helping with board handling and control. Best suited for paddlers with a low to medium cadence. Built in our new and improved Ultralight Carbon layup featuring carbon-infused LiteCore technology.

  • Excellent speed with high lift / low drag, ocean & downwind standup racing.
  • Foil promotes downwind performance with longer, more connected and more controlled glides.
  • Excellent tracking means more strokes between paddle swaps.
  • Progressively curved 45° leading edge for controlled carves.
  • Leading edge rake angle helps to shed weed, keep & trash.
  • Area = 223 cm² / 34.6 in²
  • Length = 21cm / 8.27 in
  • Weight = 200 grams (7 ounces) +/- 5%
  • LiteCORE Technology for increased strength & reduced weight.